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John, Matt and Terry have been playing together on and off for 20 years – In 2012, the three were a band but one day found themselves without a bass player – For the next few months John, Matt and Terry auditioned various bass players but could not find the right one – Then Mitch answered one of the bands ads and before the first song they played together was over, John, Matt and Terry knew they had found their Bass player, Mitch. So it’s been 4 years of rehearsals and playing in clubs since Under The Garage was formed. Oh, and the name “Under The Garage”. How did the name come about? The Band rehearses in a studio that happens to be under the garage where one of the band members lives.



Terry has performed with various bands on the Central Coast for the past 25 years. Being a surfer, he cherishes the years he was a members of the “The Wavehogs”, a legendary band out of Cayucos.  He feels fortunate to have played with some great players, to include rock, jazz, R&B, country and Christian rock. When asked about Under The Garage, Terry says, “You’re lucky when you can play with Musician you can call your friends. We don’t take that for granite and I think it show in our performances”. 

John Brezden

John Brezden grew up in Buena Park, Ca. Earliest musical influences started with his Dads huge collection of 78rpm records that included Bid Band artists like Lyle Hampton and Benny Goodman. Other influences included Rickie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Motown. Biggest moment came the night the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan. The next day John’s parents bought him his first guitar. His first amp was his older sister HiFi he converted for unique so. Guitar heroes: Jimi Hendrix, John Fogerty, Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, Steve Howe to name a few. Throughout the years John has been in a few bands but mainly playing with local Musicians sharpening his skills. Since 2003 John has been part of the original nucleus that is now Under the Garage. What John cherishes most about UTG is his relationship he has with his band mates. John feels “The guitar is more than an instrument to me. It’s one of my best friends and go to Therapist”.

Mitch Gary

Local boy Mitch “Gunslinger” Gary has been filling the bottom on Bass since the early 1980s. In fact, he played Happy Jacks in 1983 when he was a Junior in High School. Mitch is also an accomplished Trumpet player. His favorite band is Van Halen which includes the legendary David Lee Roth. 

Matt Brancart

Matt Brancart grew up Kansas in the days when they used to parachute records down. All joking aside, Matt knew he wanted to be involved with music at a young age, the Beatles being one of his biggest influences. He started in piano lessons at age seven, then began pursing drums in Junior High where he played in his school’s drum core. In the 70s, he started playing clubs throughout the mid-west, joining a band called “Stir Crazy.” After touring the mid-west circuit until 1976, he moved to California and played the club circuit in Los Angeles including Whiskeys, the Troubadour, Roxy, and Starwood. Matt enjoys playing with Under the Garage, not only because he gets to play both instruments he is passionate about (keys and drums) but also because the band plays the classics of Rock N’ Roll and some songs that very few are playing today.